Trade magazines for winter evenings

21 trade magazines for winter evenings

21 items hmm… of course you don’t have to read all of them. I myself regularly read up to two or three of the following items. By the term magazines I also mean all newspapers, magazines and newsletters in printed form.
A few days ago Mr. Sergiusz wrote to me:
“Hello, I recently discovered your portal. Compliments for the tangible articles and the way of communication.
However, I have a question (request). Can you provide an overview of the industry literature that may be useful, especially at the beginning of a young engineer’s career? ”

Mr. Sergiusz I know that you meant more books, but I will answer your request in three articles:
1. Trade magazines for winter evenings (magazines with which I had contact, more or less professional, factual).
2. Portals, websites and interesting internet industry blogs.
3. Books that I have and read and that I am going to buy.

I start with trade magazines (on sanitary networks and installations, cooling and heating, water management, water treatment, etc.). I guarantee that everyone will find something for themselves.

Below is a quick summary of what industry magazines we have available on the market:

  • Civil Engineer monthly,
  • Bulletin of the Wielkopolska Regional Chamber of Civil Engineers (WOIIB),
  • Monthly Rynek Instalacyjny (RI),
  • Polish Instalator magazine,
  • Installer Professional Magazine,
  • INSTAL monthly,
  • Monthly Installer Magazine,
  • Monthly Refrigeration and Air-conditioning,
  • GLOBEnergia magazine,
  • Magazine Wodociągi i Kanalizacja,
  • Installation Systems Magazine,
  • Pompy Pompownie magazine,
  • Monthly District Heating, Heating, Ventilation,
  • Engineering Bezwykopowa Quarterly,
  • Water Technology bimonthly
  • Murator monthly,
  • Nice house monthly,
  • We are building a house monthly.

Engineer of construction monthly

Miesięcznik Inżynier budownictwa

To begin with, I would like to propose the monthly magazine Inżynier Budownictwa Polskiego Izby Inżynierów Budownictwa (PIIB). This is a free item distributed to all PIIB members. If you have a design or executive license and belong to the chamber, you get a newspaper for free. In the monthly, we can read about structures, electrical and sanitary installations as well as new standards. PIIB raises issues related to the interpretation of construction law and regulations, liability of civil engineers, copyright and many other topics. On average, every 4th entry is sponsored, but nowadays everyone has to make money on something. This is, of course, additional income from publishing the monthly, because the purchase of a civil engineer is financed from the membership fees of the chamber.
According to the PPIB budget for 2015, the proceeds from membership fees amounted to:
115,900 members x 72.00 = PLN 8,280,000 of which
Purchase costs of a “Construction Engineer” PLN 1,800,000.00
Distribution and mass correspondence costs PLN 700,000.00
I visit the Civil Engineer regularly once or twice a month, but I know from rumors that some they don’t even open the protective film. If someone does not qualify, you can buy an annual subscription for PLN 99 or download for free :). We can also read many factual articles on the website. Subscription does not make any sense.
Civil Engineer can be downloaded for free in pdf version from the website of the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers:
Construction Engineer monthly for download from PIIB website

Bulletin of the Wielkopolska Regional Chamber of Civil Engineers (WOIIB)

Biuletyn Wielkopolskiej Okręgowej Izby Inżynierów Budownictwa

The bulletin is an interesting supplement to the Civil Engineer I mentioned earlier. From the bulletin we will learn about news from the Chamber, new people who have obtained building qualifications in various specialties and information about current trainings organized by the Chamber. The bulletins are available for free on the website of each District Chamber of Engineers.
Wielkopolska District Chamber of Civil Engineers

Miesięcznik Rynek Instalacyjny (RI)

Miesięcznik Rynek Instalacyjny (RI)

“Rynek Instalacyjny” is a specialized monthly published since 1993. It is addressed to system designers, installers, academic staff of technical universities and industry production and trade companies. One of the most widely read magazines. I had a subscription for a year. Professional and reliable articles. Practical advice for designers. If I had to choose the top three, RI would definitely be there.
Miesięcznik Rynek Instalacyjny

Polish Instalator magazine

Czasopismo Polski Instalator

Polski Instalator is a nationwide professional magazine published under the patronage of the Polish Corporation of Sanitary Technology, Gas Heating and Air-conditioning. It is informative and practical in nature and is intended for specialists from the widely understood installation industry. He has been present on the publishing market for 24 years.
Journal Polski Instalator

Installer Expert Magazine

Magazyn Fachowy Instalator

Professional Installer is a free bimonthly for installers. In each issue you can find interesting implementation tips.
Magazyn Fachowy Instalator

INSTAL monthly

Miesięcznik INSTAL

The monthly includes:
– installations and networks: heating, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water supply, sewage, gas in multi- and single-family housing, public utility and industrial buildings
– unconventional energy sources, heat recovery, heat pumps
– environmental protection issues, including wastewater treatment plants, waste disposal, air protection
– technologies for installation, inspection, repair and renovation of installations; tools and devices.
In my opinion, it is one of the most interesting items in the industry.
INSTAL monthly

Monthly Installer Magazine

Magazyn instalatora

A monthly magazine devoted to the installation industry (heating, sanitary and ventilation installations). On the market since 1998. I read a few copies and was pleased. While creating this article, I was amused by the information on the magazine’s website. Information on the number of readers. More precisely, on the website you can read:
Circulation of over 11,000 copies.
We are read by ~ 45,000 people a month (on average 4 people in the company).
You can laugh. How does the editorial office know that in each company the magazine is read by approx. 4 people. This blog is visited by 22,000 unique users. Assuming that my readers lead a family life and 3 people are sitting in front of the computer at a time, when calculating using the above method, reads an average of 66,000 users cool
Mathematics is simple, but based on specific numbers. I am not convinced by this advertising slogan “we are read by an average of 4 people in the company”.
Magazyn Instalatora

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Monthly

Miesięcznik Chłodnictwo i Klimatyzacja

Chłodnictwo i Klimatyzacja is a nationwide professional monthly devoted to practical issues of refrigeration and air conditioning and ventilation and heat pumps. Practical knowledge in the field of design, installation and operation of cooling, ventilation and air conditioning devices is provided in the journal. Numerous lists and reviews advise on the selection of devices, solutions for planned investments, both large office and industrial as well as small home. The monthly focuses only on the ventilation and air conditioning industry, which makes it the best publication in this industry.
The magazine is addressed to designers, manufacturers, distributors, service technicians of refrigeration and air conditioning systems and equipment used in industry, trade, and in utility facilities and in office and residential buildings.
Miesięcznik Chłodnictwo i Klimatyzacja

GLOBEnergia magazine

Czasopisma branżowe dla inżyniera

GLOBEnergia is a platform for investors and contractors of energy-saving technologies. The magazine is published as a digital monthly GLOBEnergia + and in a printed quarterly GLOBEnergia, focusing on TOP 50 industry reports.
GLOBEnergia magazine

Magazine Wodociągi i Kanalizacja

Które wodociągi w Polsce są najlepsze? Znamy wyniki rankingu

A magazine entirely devoted to the topic of water supply and sewage systems, i.e. linear infrastructure. Published since 2003 in circulation, read by representatives of water supply and sewage companies, cities, communes, poviats, industry companies, environmental protection inspectorates, sanitary and epidemiological stations, engineering offices and universities.
I am fond of this journal, because It was the first trade literature that I started to read (probably since 2004).
Most of the above magazines deal only with the subject of sanitary installations. Wodociagi i Kanalizacja are the only ones focused on linear facilities.
Journal Wodociagi i Kanalizacja

Magazine Instalation Systems

Magazines | Cabling Installation & Maintenance

A monthly magazine addressed to specialists in the field of sanitary installations.
Warehouses Systemy Instalacyjne

Pumps Magazine

Tender awarded for pump station upgrade - Pump Industry Magazine

The only magazine for users of pumps and pumping stations. Worth recommending. What else to write here …
Pompy Pompownie magazine

District Heating, Heating, Ventilation monthly

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Efficiency |

Ciepłownictwo, Ogrzewnictwo, Wentylacja (abbreviation COW), is a monthly magazine of the Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians (PZITS), which is a leading and well-recognized journal in the heating, heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. The first issue was published in 1969.
Ciepłownictwo, Ogrzewnictwo, Wentylacja monthly.


SIGMA-NOT - PORTAL INFORMACJI TECHNICZNEJ - Największa baza artykułów technicznych online

Monthly magazine of the Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians (PZITS). A leading magazine in the following industries: sanitary technology, gas industry, environmental protection.


The journal deals with the following topics: – road and bridge construction,
– railway construction,
– hydrotechnical construction,
– underground construction, – geotechnics and geoengineering,
– environmental engineering,
– trenchless technologies,
– construction machinery,
– building materials.

Engineering Bezwykopowa quarterly

It is a quarterly devoted to trenchless methods of infrastructure construction:
– network inspections and renovations,
– jacking,
– directional drilling,
– microtunnelling,
– machinery and equipment,
– pipes and materials for trenchless technologies.
Quarterly Inżynieria Bezwykopowa

About - NODIGMARKET24 - Techniki bezwykopowe, wynajem maszyn

Water Technology bimonthly

A specialist journal on science and technology in the field of environmental engineering (water supply systems, sewage disposal and treatment), water management and water health safety. The publication is dedicated to designers of water treatment plants.
Water Technology bimonthly


Broadly understood issues of water management, including environmental protection. Problems of hydrology, hydraulics and hydrogeology. Administration and management of water resources, their use and protection. Water deficit. Problems of river regulation and protection against floods. Waterways. Hydropower. Water construction, operation, management, safety, environmental impact. Legal regulations in the field of water management and environmental protection. Actions taken by the central administration and local governments in water management. Information on the activities of international trade organizations, conferences, symposia, conventions, etc. Presentation of domestic and foreign publications.

I also can’t help but mention the following three magazines, which are not typical designers ‘and installers’ magazines, but contain numerous articles on sanitary and gas installations, ventilation, water supply and sewage disposal as well as formal and legal requirements. Items worth checking out from time to time to see that the world doesn’t stop with a few newspapers.

Murator monthly

Murator is the most-read monthly for home builders and renovators. In Murator you will find expert advice not only on building and renovating single-family houses. In the monthly you will find out which heating devices to choose to keep heating costs as low as possible. Numerous interpretations of the construction law and technical conditions.
Murator monthly

Poland's Turn? The Mies van der Rohe Award 2013 - Architektura-murator

Nice house monthly

A magazine about construction and horticulture. House designs, advice on renovation and gardening, as well as information on loans.

We are building a house monthly

Construction and renovation of a single-family house. Construction advice, prices of building materials, rankings.
Budujemy dom monthly

Above I presented 21 interesting printed items from the water supply, sewage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries. I leave the final choice of the journal to the readers. My favorites are: Civil Engineer, Installation Market and Water and Sewerage. Happy reading …

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