The first time I did it… it hurt

In the life of every man and woman there comes a day when he has to pass the first time. Some it hurts, some it doesn’t. How I belong to the first group. It hurt me terribly,
…. because I did it, and I won’t get anything in return: – / There was no fun in it.

I wonder for a long time whether to do it? Is it worth it or is it worth giving up and withdrawing?
There are different opinions and stories about the first time.

In my opinion there is a turning point in everyone’s life, the idyll ends and the real life begins.

I’ll tell you what my first time was like.
October 2, 2013 I started my own business (in other words, a sole proprietorship). For the uninitiated, I have to write a few lines about ZUS.
The Polish social security system includes: retirement insurance, disability insurance, sickness insurance, accident insurance. Pursuant to the Act on the social insurance system, mandatory retirement and disability pension insurance covers natural persons who, in the territory of the Republic of Poland, are: employees, self-employed persons, etc. In accordance with the regulations, all are also subject to health insurance.

People starting a business have the right to limit their social security contributions during the first 24 calendar months from the date of commencement of business activity.

And here thanks for the nod to young entrepreneurs for lower premiums; if the companies had paid the full ZUS from the beginning, the percentage of closed activities would be higher than those newly opened.

From October 2013. until November 2015 I paid preferential social contributions in the amount of PLN 166.79 and a health insurance contribution of PLN 279.41. I paid a total of PLN 446.2 (pension contribution 19.52%, profitable 8%, accident 2 , 45% and health 9%) monthly for two years . Contributions always had to be credited to the ZUS account by the 10th of each month.
Two years flew like a whip. I knew that it would be my first time soon. I was getting ready for the day, though I tried not to think about it.
It was a warm December day. I got up in the morning, made breakfast and drove to my office as always. I knew that I had to do it today, that the clock is ticking and otherwise they will come for me…. Today is the last day I have to do it.
I did, though something was holding me back, an inner voice screamed in me “why, what hen for so much money”. To this day, I shudder when I think about my first time. When I think about our beloved government’s idea of ​​introducing social contributions proportional to income, I feel a cold breeze on my back.
On December 10, 2015. the first time I paid full social security contributions… it hurt. Such pleasure cost me as much as PLN 1034.08. More about PLN 587.88.
For the first two years of running the company I paid about PLN 5354.40 per year, for the following years I will pay 12408.96 annually and more, because every year contributions are increased.
Pay so many contributions and live with the knowledge that I will never see this money (our pension system is long obsolete). ZUS only collects our retirement savings, it does not multiply them. If the health insurance premium has to be ok, there are hospitals, clinics, some specialists wait 6 months, but OK, I understand that someone has to maintain the health service. health comes first.

Noble health, no one will know what you taste like, until you go bad – wrote Jan Kochanowski.

If necessary, I can pay the health insurance premium even more. But social security is robbing people in broad daylight, and nobody does anything about it. The government is subsidizing it (with our money) and people are not interested in it. It is us, the young generation, who have to do something about it, we will pay these contributions for the next 30 years to get the pension calculation in the amount of PLN 890.
I must also mention that I pay the lowest contributions. It is not worth paying more because we, the young generation, will never see this money. Moreover, in order to have a decent retirement pension, I would have to pay about 2,000 pension contributions, and the total costs of the company would be around 4,000 PLN. so I would have to earn around PLN 9,000 to earn PLN 5,000. monthly. Remember, dear reader, ZUS is like Russian roulette, no matter how much you deposit, either you get a “ball” or not. And who can guarantee you that in 20 years there will be no destabilization of the country, a new government will come, and then another and another one, everyone will come up with something, but there will still be no money. It is better to save and invest without risk.
Unfortunately, the demographic decline means that only our parents and grandparents and the few current 30-year-olds will be able to enjoy a pension maintained from contributions paid by our children.

Even though the first time was very painful (I poured my money into space, the abyss, a bottomless crater, an endless abyss, a fiery abyss …) I still think that it is worth running my own business.

Now the real life has begun for me, I need to earn more, I will probably transfer some of the costs to my clients, this is what you do with us. He will add a little here, he will take a little here…. It’s hard to write about it because the topic is very stressful for every entrepreneur. He works hard for every PLN 100 earned.

The Polish pension system is sick and needs to be cured. But who will do it ??? Are there any people ???

Certainly not ZUS, because he keeps social and health insurance. It will not dig holes under itself.

ZUS can be compared to a construction site in which there are only two participants in the construction process. ZUS and MY POLES


ZUS is a designer.

ZUS is a building supervision inspector.

ZUS is the site manager.

ZUS will implement each of its ideas, using the Investor’s money, it supervises and builds it himself. And nobody will do anything because they are all from the same capital group.

Combining the functions of construction manager and supervision inspector is unacceptable.
I don’t know about you, but I feel cheated. Cheated on design and construction. We bring material to the construction site, and ZUS takes it away at night, like sand from the highway. Hopeless. I’m going back to work because I have to earn the January contributions.

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