Plumber – a profession of many possibilities – a profession of the future!

The profession of a plumber is often underestimated!

Why am I mentioning this?

A plumber is associated with a man with a wrench who repairs a sink. And a plumber is more than that. A plumber deals with the assembly of complex hydraulic systems and often has a better idea of ​​the system than an engineer working in an office.
The idea to write this article is a recently created (August 2019) initiative to promote our profession – promotion of the profession of a plumber ie fitter of outdoor and indoor installations.

In August 2019, the educational and training project “Plumber – a profession of many possibilities” was launched.
The main goals of the project are:
– promotion of the profession of plumber,
– encouraging young people to learn and work in a well-paid profession.

On July 3, 2019, a seminar on the Integrated Qualifications System was held in Poznań. The seminar was organized at the request of OSFIS, a large group of companies participated in the seminar itself, including Gebo, BISAN, Jeremies, RUG Riello Heating Devices, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, Wilo Polska, Immergas, Galmet and the Polish Association of Employers of Wholesalers in the Heating, Sanitary, Installation, Air-conditioning and Ventilation Industry ZHI. I had the pleasure to represent the honorable group of design engineers.
This is how the concept of the project “Plumber – a profession of many possibilities” was created.
The Polish Association of Installation and Service Companies (OSFIS) is responsible for preparing throughout the project.

W dniu 3 lipca 2019 roku w Poznaniu odbyło się seminarium poświęcone Zintegrowanemu Systemowi Kwalifikacji. Seminarium zostało zorganizowane na wniosek OSFIS
W On July 3, 2019, a seminar on the Integrated Qualifications System was held in Poznań. The seminar was organized at the request of OSFIS (photo: Jan Kaczmarek).

A plumber, otherwise an installer or a fitter of sanitary installations, deals with the assembly:

– plumbing installations,
– sewage installations,
– gas installations,
– heating installations,
– renewable energy installations,
– boiler houses,
– ventilation installations,
– air conditioning installations,
– hydrant installations,
– sprinkler and sprinkler installations,
– rainwater drainage networks and connections,
– sanitary sewage networks and connections,
– water supply networks and connections,
– heating networks and connections,
– gas networks and connections.
You can see that we have a good 15 industries in which you can specialize and install installations.

Why is it worth becoming a plumber?
It is a profession full of challenges, a profession of many possibilities, a profession in which everyone can fulfill and develop, a profession in which we will earn better than an engineer in an office!

It is not hard to notice that the construction industry lacks engineers, both in the design industry, but mainly in the contracting industry. The reason for such a situation may be a bad opinion about a plumber, who is treated as a worse profession. Everyone would like to have a Master’s degree in engineering before their surname. We currently have a large group of masters and a small group of sanitary fitters.
Every parent dreams that his child will graduate and have a master’s degree. Dear parents, you have been misled. There is a demand for engineers, but in the performance. Currently, the situation is that an engineer without qualifications earns a good 2500-3000 in the office (here laughter in the whole room 🙂 🙂 :)), while a good plumber earns from 3000 and up. And if you think to yourself that a plumber earns more because he works longer, then you are also wrong. There is also overtime in the office and often unpaid.

The joint initiative of the installation industry is also a matter of the industry media, so from the very beginning the media patronage is held by one of the largest trade magazines in Poland: Rynek Instalacyjny .

It is worth mentioning that behind all the actions there is one Lord, one of the main precursors of the recent good changes in our industry.
We cannot do anything alone. The project is a joint initiative of producers, installers, service technicians and industry organizations.

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