How much will you earn on designing water and sewage connections?


After reading this post, you will learn not only how much the project costs, but also what the costs of its development are. Since the tutorial is aimed at design engineers, I will tell you what costs you will incur and how much you will earn. By the way, the Investor will see that he does not pay that much for the project (assuming that the entire design procedure with formalities lasts from several to several months).
Initially, I called this entry: “How much does the design of a water and sewage connection cost? “, But while writing, I changed the headline to:” How much will you earn on designing water and sewage connections? “.

Is it worth designing connections?

Determining the price of a design has always been and will be one of the greatest problems of beginning designers. Experienced designers have it a bit easier because they know the market and know where to start.

What determines the price of designing a water supply connection, sewage connection or both? design,
– number of plots through which the connection runs – higher costs of obtaining extracts from the land register and arrangements with the owners of plots,
– category of a building object – we will call more for designing a connection to a multi-family building or a warehouse than to a building single-family house,
– scope of arrangements – what is the scope of design documentation: only technical design or design with full arrangements; it’s better to explain it to yourself at the very beginning,
– region of Poland – in each voivodship there are different rates for design and execution works,
– Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągowe – each company determines the rates of fees for services rendered. One of such services is issuing technical conditions for connection to the network and agreeing the design. In Poznań, we will pay for the issuance of conditions and for the arrangement of the project itself. In some places we won’t even pay 1 PLN for such services.

What are the prices for the development of water and sewage connection projects:

Design of the water supply connection – from 600 to 1000 PLN net with arrangements
Design for the connection of the sanitary sewage system – from 600 to 1000 PLN net with arrangements
Joint design of the water supply connection and sanitary sewage system – from 800 to 1200 PLN net with arrangements

What can you have regarding the order (connection design development)? What maps, permits, opinions and agreements you need to obtain before building the connection?

– opinions about connection to the sewage network (time to be agreed 2-4 weeks),
– current map for design purposes on a scale of 1: 500 (time to complete 4-6 weeks),
– connection conditions to the water and sewage network. (time of agreement 3-4 weeks),
– excerpts from the land register along the route of connections (up to 4 days),
– arrangement of the location of the designed connections at the Coordination Meeting in the Poviat Starosty (agreement time approx. 4 weeks), – agreeing the location of the connection in private plots (from a few days to several weeks),
– agreeing the location of the connection with the road manager (time 3-4 weeks),
– agreeing the technical design with the water and sewage company . (time of agreement 3-8 weeks),

The average time of developing a project with arrangements is from 3 to 5 months.

The best solution for the Investor is to commission all arrangements and project development to a Water and Sewerage Company. He does not write this so that the designers have less work, but to suggest the investor the best solution. Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągowe will design and build a connection – you don’t have to worry about anything.

Pursuant to the Act of 7 July 1994 – Construction Law, the investor has three procedures to choose from, on the basis of which it is possible to build connections:
A) based on the notification of construction works,
B) without notification construction works without public administration bodies,
C) on the basis of a building permit decision (possible option, we can, but we do not have to).

How to build in the connection can be found in the article below:

Construction of water and sewage connections without notification

So is it profitable to design the connections? How many projects do you need to do in a month for your business to prosper.

How much do you want to earn clean? 4000 PLN net, ok – a bit small, but let’s start with 4000 PLN net (just remember that you have to pay 18% tax on this amount).

In order to answer the question whether designing connections is profitable, we need to tell ourselves what are the costs of running our own company – a project office?
What are the basic costs of running a one-man project office?

Applicable ZUS 2016 contributions for entrepreneurs: in total PLN 1,121.52 with sickness, including:
– social insurance contribution 2016: PLN 772.96 (with sickness) or PLN 713.35 (without voluntary sickness)
– health insurance contribution 2016: PLN 288.95,
– contribution to the Labor Fund 2016: PLN 59.61.
To this let’s add an accountant about PLN 100 net, telephone about PLN 60 net.
Let’s skip the costs at the moment renting an office, purchasing programs, prints, etc.

The minimum costs of running a one-person design office are around PLN 1,300 – 1,500.

If you want to earn purely PLN 4,000 net, you must issue invoices for a minimum amount of PLN 5,300 net.

Assuming that the average value of your service is PLN 900 net, and a net profit of PLN 600, you need to do 5300/600 ≈ 9 projects a month
Is it a lot or a little? In my opinion a lot. I know the industry and I know how difficult it is to get an order.
At the beginning, you will do 1 project a month, then you will do maybe 2-4, but not 9.
You will not live up to the design of connections. You have to design networks, connections and installations to other objects. Project prices refer to the Poznań poviat. You already know the costs of developing a project, you know what the prices are, you know how much time you will spend on developing the project and obtaining all agreements. Is it profitable to design connections? It depends on your ambitions and vision of running your own design office. In my opinion, designing the connections only is unprofitable.

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