5 necessary programs in the sanitary installation design office

Hello. Today I will write briefly about: what software you need to buy if you want to professionally design sanitary installations. In my opinion, this is an indispensable package of programs in the work of a designer in the sanitary industry. I will also mention which programs I use specifically. I will not mention the legality of the software. For me, it is obvious that when conducting commercial activities we work on legal software with a perpetual license or subscription.

5 programs necessary for asanitary installation designer

1. Spreadsheet.
2. 2D drawing program.
3. Program for drawing longitudinal profiles.
4. Sanitary installation design software.
5. Program for calculating the heat demand of buildings.

The following programs that I use in my plumbing design office:
1. Spreadsheet: Microsoft Office Excel 2010.
2. 2D drawing program: AutoCAD 2013 LT, ZWCAD trial version.
3. Program for drawing longitudinal profiles: Profile Koordynator 8.0.
4. Program for designing sanitary installations (a package of two programs for designing heating and water installations): Auditor of C.H. 4.1, H2O Auditor 1.5.
5. Program for calculating the heat demand of buildings: Auditor OZC 6.7.

Not all of the programs in the list above are necessary. If in your work you deal only with internal installations, you do not need to have and know programs for designing longitudinal profiles (although it’s worth it). Conversely, if you design only external networks, you do not need to know any internal installation design software. Auditor by Sankom or InstalSystem by Instalsoft.
Project office profile may include networks and installations, or one of them. You don’t have to design everything to run a successful business!

Why a spreadsheet?

Arkusz kalkulacyjny: Microsoft Office Excel 2010.
Worksheet spreadsheet: Microsoft Office Excel 2010.

It is an indispensable tool in the work of every engineer and business owner. Excel is needed at every step of running your own business. In Excel, we create various statements, a business plan of our activity, revenues and costs of running our own business, we create calculators for calculating sanitary installations, water and air flow and many other engineering issues. It is an indispensable tool that I cannot imagine working without.

Below I present only a selected purpose of the Excel spreadsheet in my company:
– creating project schedules,
– creating a balance of revenues and costs of running a sole proprietorship (own design office),
– creating a car mileage register ,
– creating a valuation of design works,
– creating a list of drawings,
– creating a calculation sheet for calculating water demand and sewage disposal,
– creating a calculation sheet for calculating ventilation systems,
– creating a list of outgoing and incoming correspondence.

As you can see, I put Excel in the first place. This is the program No. 1. The program that is necessary before starting your own business.
Purchase of the full Microsoft Office 2010 suite for commercial applications costs 200-300 PLN gross. When setting up your own business, you don’t need the newest and most expensive software.

Why a 2D drawing program?

Program do rysowania 2D: AutoCAD 2013 LT
Program for 2D drawing: AutoCAD 2013 LT
Program do rysowania 2D: ZWCAD Classic
2D drawing program: ZWCAD Classic

CAD program (AutoCAD 2017, AutoCAD 2017 LT, ZWCAD + 2017, BricsCAD V16, ArCADia 10, GstarCAD, DraftSight, EliteCAD, LibreCAD, nanoCAD) is an indispensable tool for working on a 2D plane. The program required to create land development plans, diagrams, detailed drawings, etc.
Files saved in this program in * .dwg or * .dxf format can be repeatedly modified or shared within our team.
It is the second indispensable program in the work of a designer. The cost of purchasing a 2D drafting program is from 1,000 to even 20,000 PLN. To start your own business, Auto CAD in the LT version for about PLN 4500 net is enough (until recently we paid this amount for a perpetual license) or the ZWCAD program in the standard version for only PLN 1400 net.
Currently, Autodesk Auto CAD programs are available by subscription only. AutoCAD LT 2017 PL with a license authorizing you to use AutoCAD LT 2017 for a period of 12 months costs about PLN 1,275 + 23% VAT. I believe that if someone works and earns money on design, it is reasonable money for an annual license. Most importantly, we can test a professional design tool by paying an annual license, without spending PLN 5,000 net right away. After one year, we can always resign and buy, for example, ZWCAD or BricsCAD.
I am currently using Auto CAD 2013 LT. I bought the license from the lady who closed the design office. I have formally transferred the license to my company. Additionally, I am using the test version of ZWCAD Classic. The trial version of ZWCAD does not support saving files over 8000 objects. This amount is enough to draw detailed drawings and design small objects. After 8 years of designing, I can say that Auto CAD is the most stable tool for designing large and very large topics.

Auto CAD in LT version has, unfortunately, a very big disadvantage compared to other programs. It does not support loading LISP programs. LISP is an application that is widely used in computer programming. LISP is used to create industry-specific overlays that aid design in CAD programs. Full versions of AutoCAD, ZwCAD, BricsCAD support LISP loading. Unfortunately, the version of Auto CAD LT that is mentioned all the time in this article does not support this feature.

What does this mean to us?
There are several design aids available on the market, such as Profilek, CAD-Profi, CP-Symbols. When buying AutoCAD in LT version, we will not be able to use the above-mentioned design overlays. If you have AutoCAD LT, you need to purchase an LTX module that supports loading LISP programs. Such a module is an additional expense of PLN 200. It should be mentioned that ZWCAD and BricsCAD both support LISP loading. When buying alternative CAD programs for PLN 1400, we have the option of using design overlays.

Why a program for drawing longitudinal profiles?

Profil koordynator 8 - profil podłużny sieci kanalizacji sanitarnej
Profile coordinator 8 – longitudinal profile of the sanitary sewage network

One of the best programs for drawing longitudinal profiles in Poland is the Profile Coordinator of the Epi-Graf company.
List of programs for automatic plotting of longitudinal profiles and which programs are worth investing in are presented in the following article:
The text comes from: https://poradnikprojektanta.pl/programy-do-kreslenia-profili-podluznych-zkieta/
Basic advantages of having software for automatic drawing of profiles:
– reduction of project development costs,
– reduction of design time,
– dynamic introduction of changes in the project,
– quick diagnostics of errors in the project,
– import of information about the area from the map,
– automatic crossroads a and collisions with other utilities,
– automatic generation of a network diagram, land development plan and longitudinal profiles.

Why a plumbing design program?

Program do projektowania instalacji sanitarnych (pakiet dwóch programów do projektowania instalacji grzewczej i wodociągowej): Audytor H2O 1.5.
Sanitary installation design program (package of two programs for designing heating and plumbing installations): H2O Auditor 1.5.
Program do projektowania instalacji sanitarnych (pakiet dwóch programów do projektowania instalacji grzewczej i wodociągowej): Audytor C.O. 4.1
Program for designing sanitary installations (a package of two programs for designing heating and water supply installations): CO Auditor 4.1 – support the design of cold, hot and circulation water installations in traditional systems as well as in series, manifold and tee systems. Basic functions of the Audytor CO and H2O programs:
– complete hydraulic calculations of the installation,
– selection of pipe diameters,
– determination of hydraulic resistance of individual circuits,
– calculation of total pressure losses in the installation,
– selection of differential pressure controllers settings,
– selection of heat exchanger substations,
– selection of heat buffers,
– selection of pump groups,
– selection of pumps, – selection of thermal insulation for pipes,
– selection of temperature setting of thermostatic valves,
– analysis of design errors,
– possibility of designing very large installations.An alternative to Sankom programs is instalSYSTEM by Instalsoft.

Why a program for calculating the heat demand of buildings?

Program do obliczania zapotrzebowania na ciepło budynków. Audytor OZC 6.7.
Program for calculating the heat demand of buildings. OZC 6.7 auditor.
Program do obliczania zapotrzebowania na ciepło budynków. i wykonywania certyfikatów energetycznych Audytor OZC 6.7.
Program for calculating the heat demand of buildings. and performance of energy certificates Audytor OZC 6.7.

Because the calculation of the heat demand of the building and its rooms is the basic and first step to the correct design of the heating system, including the selection of the boiler.
The program for calculating the heat demand of buildings, supports the calculation of the design heat load of rooms, the determination of the seasonal heat and cooling energy demand of buildings and the preparation of Energy Certificates for buildings.

How much money do we need to buy a package of programs for designing sanitary installations?

Lastly, he left the most important thing about how much you can buy the above programs. I present four variants: the cheapest and economical to start your own business and two professional ones for people who are serious about running their own business. There are many combinations and the final version of design software is up to you.

5 niezbędnych programów w pracy projektanta instalacji sanitarnych
5 necessary programs in the work of a sanitary installation designer

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