4 books I am currently reading

4 books I am currently reading (4 books worth reading, and maybe even in your collection)

I would like to share with you what books I am currently reading. If you think that all items are related to water supply, sewage, air conditioning, design etc. then you are wrong. I read a lot on various topics. Reading all the time about our industry is as boring as oil tripe.
The turn of spring and summer is the time when we spend more time outside the home. Nice weather encourages us to spend time with family, cycling and jogging. Sometimes it’s worth getting away from heavy books written in technical language and reading something light.
For me, any time is good for reading. I like to read at home, at work and on the beach. I take books with me everywhere. I personally collect old industry editions that can be purchased cheaply on Allegro. In this way, I have already bought several dozen books for prices ranging from PLN 5 to 30. If you are looking for used books, I definitely recommend Allegro.
Currently I read 4 books, but only one item is related to the industry in which I work. I bought all the books new.

If you want to grow, become good designers or even better managers, you have to read a lot of different books (about design, personal development, time management).

From April 2016. I read about sewage, optimizing my work time, healthy eating and social media.

4 books – 4 different fairy tales
I wish you a pleasant reading …
Let’s start with the items from our industry



Author: Adam Bolt, Ewa Burszta-Adamiak, Katarzyna Gudelis-Taraszkiewicz, Ziemowit Suligowski, Agnieszka Tuszyńska
Publication year: 2012,
Number of pages: 628.

It is an academic textbook that describes in detail:
– Issues of programming, design, implementation and operation of sewage systems in new technical and economic conditions.
– New conditions for spatial development planning.
– Widely outdated accepted standards of sewage design.
– Alternative solutions to traditional solutions for the management of sanitary sewage and rainwater.
– Consequences of changes in hydraulic conditions in networks.
– Special requirements of new material conditions.

This is a very cool book that presents the problems of designing and operating sanitary sewage systems in an interesting way.

I read all books cover to cover, except of course this and other industry books. You just can’t. You cannot read academic textbooks from beginning to end. In the book, I only look at the chapters that interest me at the moment.

„4 – GODZINNY TYDZIEŃ PRACY„ Timothy Ferriss.
” 4 – HOUR WORKING WEEK “Timothy Ferriss.


Author: Timothy Ferriss,
Year of publication: 2007,
Number of pages: 500.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably do not know what this book is. If you know, you are on your way to making a difference in your life. In order not to delay, I will write immediately why you should read the 4-hour work week.
Timothy in the book describes in a practical way:
– how to eliminate 50% of your work in 48 hours,
– how to deal with common problems and rediscover yourself.

As impossible as it may seem, I can confirm that by applying some of the principles in this book, the efficiency of my work has dramatically increased.
I won’t write any more about this book. Everyone should read it!

Alpert Brooke, Farris Patricia.

Entry # 3 -” SUGAR DETOX “

Author: Alpert Brooke, Farris Patricia,
Year of publication: 2013,
Number of pages: 302.

No matter what you do or who you want to become – without health you will not achieve it. Since 2008, I have been suffering from periodic visual impairment which reduces my ability to perform normal work and run a project office. Since 2008, I have been taking hundreds of grams of tablets a month. From the beginning of the treatment, I must have eaten a few kilos of medication. In 2014 alone, I spent about 10,000. PLN for treatment. If I tell you that sugar is harmful, and what you eat depends on who you are and what you suffer from, then that’s the way it is.
If you want energy to live and work – healthy eating will provide you with it.

Sugar is good for you, and it’s been scientifically proven.
If you’re fed up with constant fatigue and always tired, read “Sugar Detox”.
Losing weight is a healthy diet. Most diets allow you to lose weight effectively. However, most people return to their original weight after finishing the diet. Start eating healthy and see that you have plenty of energy to act.

” SOCIAL MEDIA START “Jason Hunt (Tomek Tomczyk)

Position 4 -” SOCIAL MEDIA START “

Author: Jason Hunt (Tomek Tomczyk),
Year of publication: 2016,
Number of pages: 238.

The last book on the list of items I am currently reading – I have literally 20 pages left.
Tomek’s third book that I read and which helps me a lot in blogging.
Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube – I have no illusions that if you want to be up-to-date with your readers, your customers have to use different media. Janson Hunt offers hundreds of tips and curiosities for people who want to create online and reach millions of people.
I don’t agree with the title of this book, “START”. From the title, you can assume that the book is for beginner bloggers. I have been a blogger since 2008. and I can honestly say that I have some experience, and the book has contributed a lot to my business plan for blogging.
I assume that if after reading any book, I take at least one sentence from it – it was worth it read. In each chapter of this book I found many valuable comments.
The book has everything that every blogger should know, but everyone should read it … .. because everyone will find something for themselves.
Such books should be read and put into practice right away. In the era of the Internet, social media, Facebook, everything changes from year to year. Today the advice in this book is valid, a lot may change next year. At the time when I was reading Jason’s previous book “Bloger and social media”, a lot of information was already out of date (from my point of view). These are our times. The book is worth reading because Polish literature is very poor in books from this category. Foreign media is more developed in terms of social media, SEO, markieting and advertising. I ordered from the pre-premiere edition for only PLN 34. At this price, I got a dose of new trends and mobilization to act (worth every price 🙂 Who is interested in the industry knows what I’m talking about and who does not, just like my wife does not even know what Instagram is for 🙂
You want to be up to date with the subject of social media – read a lot. This is a must for owners of design offices who think about social media in their company. If you want clients, you have to be where they are. And that’s what this book is about.

In my opinion, the basis for a start-up company is to have:
1. Your own company website.
2. Facebook accounts.
3. Instagram accounts.
4. Linkedin accounts.
If you don’t know what to write about, you must read Social Media Start. The answer is very simple

Reading is great, to think I used to hate reading

It is worth reading and learning from others. If you think about your own business, it is worth subscribing to someone’s newsletter and following their career. See how someone runs his own business, how he develops, what tricks and tricks he uses to earn and gain more customers or simply more readers. they committed.

Unfortunately, I don’t have good news for you. There are not many people in our industry willing to share knowledge and experience. This is at a premium, and nobody wants to teach competition.

I don’t care

Read and learn!

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